Executive Committee


The purpose of the Executive Committee (EC) is to ensure the effective management and operation of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU) by implementing policies that support the directions set by the Oversight Committee. The Executive Committee coordinates the implementation of the MSSU Operational Plan across the three Maritime Provinces and is responsible for organizing and monitoring the work of the MSSU to ensure progress toward stakeholder objectives. The Executive Committee maintains close relationships with stakeholders and ensures coordination of the Unit’s work with provincial resources.

Committee Membership

Rene Boudreau – Chair, Executive Director Program Alignment and Performance (DM Delegate)
Ted McDonald - Co-Principal Investigator MSSU
Jeannine Lagasse - Associate Deputy Minister, NS Department of Health and Wellness
Marina Hamilton - Executive Director, MSSU
Dave Denman - NSHA – Finance Manager, Research Services
Brian Bertelsen - Policy Analyst, PEI Department of Health and Wellness
Juergen Krause   - MSSU, Co-Principal Investigator

Role and Activities 

The Executive Committee oversees MSSU operations. Specific responsibilities include:

  • implementation of strategic planning initiatives
  • development of annual work plans (includes human resource planning, financial budgeting and management targets)
  • Advisory Committee functions (approve Terms of Reference, identify Chairs and review the performance targets of the Advisory Committees)
  • ensuring integration of the Unit’s activities in the Maritime research community
  • approval of expenditures that exceed authority of the Executive Director
  • hiring of leadership positions
  • approval of Terms of Reference for Advisory Committees
  • approval of Policy and Procedures for the MSSU
  • communicating the work of the Unit to stakeholders and the public